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  • Engineering, Geomechanic ,MDP & FDP Studies

  • Geomechanic Testing & Lab Services ,Core and Fluid Analysis (As FAN Azma Group)

  • Geotechnical & Geomechanical Modeling

  • Procurement Supply

  • Training (In collaboration with Competentia)


1 : Studies of Elemental sulfur and the problems resulted by sour gas in Farzad B Gas Field.

2 : Supply BPR (Back Pressure Regulator) for Petroleum University of Technology.

3 : Geomechanical Laboratory Services for South Pars Gas Field.

4 : Geomechanical Laboratory Services for Salman Oil Field.

5- Geomechanial Lab services for Sorosh# 31

6-Geomechanical Lab services for Soroosh#33

7-Geomechanical Lab services for Mansoori field


Our specialists work together to provide the best solution requiredfor designing & engineering in  upstream of oil & gas.

Our team with many years’ experiences in oil, gas & petrochemical industries, will provide a reliable and sensible results from upstream to downstream.

Our Partners
  • CMG

  • Opes International

  •  GOGEO

  • Curtin university


  • Golden Gamp

  • Folowrd Industrial Projects

  • Azmouneh Foulad

  • Norwegian Geotechnical inst.(NGI)

  • KOGC

  • Dongying TB Mechanical Equip.

  • Petro Azma


About US

Namvaran Pooyesh Baladasti (Namvaran Upstream) which is JSC was stablished in 2012 to provide research and engineering services, to develop new technologies, to provide procurement and managerial

sevices, consultancy and training in upstream industries.



Our training courses are held in cooperation with our international partner in different subjects:

Petrophysic, Drilling Reservoir Engineering , Drilling project management and risk managementand , Geomechanic & Geotechnic